Chairman Indus Basin Water Council Pakistan Hafiz Zahoorul Hassan Dahir said on Monday that the governments in the past handed the rivers system to India and Jewish lobby just to prolong their rule. In a press briefing, Zahoorul Hassan Dahir said according to international laws and direction of the flowing rivers could not be changed under any agreement or law. He said according to Barcelona Convention 1921, to which India is also a signatory, no country has the right to seize the river water and change its direction. The water expert said India through water terrorism has destroyed Pakistan's economy. He also came down hard on the government for its failure to rescue the Pakistani citizens from the water aggression of India. "How can a government rescue its citizens from outside water aggression when it could not save them from internal threats," he lamented. He said the Indian Planning Commission had allocated $120 billion for dropping a "water bomb" on Pakistan and now this amount has been raised to $380 billion. Under this plan, India plans to divert the water of Indus, Chenab and Jhelum rivers from north to south, he said. To store all the water in its territory, he said, India has completed 62 big and small dams, 31 dams are near completion and construction work is being carried out on 190 other dams. He said it will be the biggest water robbery of the world when India will completely block all the water coming to Pakistan by diverting it to Bangalore, Rajasthan and Laddakh in India. Hafiz Zahoorul Hassan warned that if an emergency plan was not prepared to foil the Indian plan, then Pakistan would convert into a desert in the coming four years.