An advertisement from the Ministry Of Water And Power, appearing recently in the newspaper, presumably as a part of its publicity drive, against pilferage of electricity has the caption, Power theft, are you willing to pay for others? Obviously the poster is directed at the law abiding consumers, who pay their electricity bills regularly and carry the insinuation that the inflated bills, which they are getting and against which they have been persistently complaining, include the units of electricity which are being stolen, and a warning that they would continue to receive such bills, until and unless they report all the cases of theft of electricity to the authorities concerned, for which they have been given, mercifully the telephone number. It is fairly easy to pinpoint areas in a city where power theft is most rampant and to identify from amongst the employees of the electricity company, responsible for the maintenance of the electricity network in that area, the ones without whose collusion and help no stealing of electricity is possible. Severe administrative action as well as criminal prosecution, ought to be initiated against such black sheep. It is evident that the management of these organizations is not doing its duty in this regard. The Ministry of Water and Power should see where the onus of responsibility lies and ensure that action is taken where it must be taken, instead of blaming and penalizing the consumer for the wrongdoings of the electricity thieves and their collaborators, in the distribution companies. DANISH HASAN, Lahore, October 7.