SIALKOT - Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority has evolved a plan for accelerating economic activities and gender empowerment in Southern Punjab under the Prime Minister's Village Product Specialisation Initiatives for Southern Punjab. Official sources told TheNation here on Sunday that under the programme A Khadi Crafts Development Company project was being initiated at a cost of Rs492 million of which the share of private sector will be Rs262 million in Southern Punjab. The concept of the project was to revive traditional craft of 'khadi', enhancing competitiveness and productivity in the industry. "The project will also ensure economic empowerment of marginalised sections of the society including women, landless village artisans through skill development and provision of opportunities for income generation and to train and promote skilled labour in the sector," they added. "Under the programme, a Southern Punjab embroidery industries project at a cost of Rs816.125 million was being initiated and the government will contribute Rs212.193 million while Rs603.932 million will be invested by the private sector. The primary goal of the project is to generate economic activity and provide training and employment to the local people on their indigenous strengths." In addition, special steps were also being taken for the revival of "Multani Blue Pottery" project costing Rs120.909 million of which Rs61.407 million will be the private investment, the sources said, adding that the basic concept of the project is to protect and preserve the heritage on traditional Multani Pottery. The project caters the objective of revival of traditional crafts of blue pottery sector, enhancing competitiveness and productivity of blue pottery. The artisans will be trained on modern lines in blue pottery and ultra modern research and development centre would also be established, sources added.