NANKANA SAHIB - The wrong and cowardly policy of the incumbent "corrupt" PPP rulers have caused frustration and anxiety among the masses and they have fed up with the government. If we make a comparison of the current rulers with their counterparts in non-Muslim countries, we will reach the conclusion that non-Muslim rulers will have ensure better governance than the current rulers. Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith Chief Senator Sajid Mir expressed the views while addressing 4th "Implementation of Islam" conference here late the other night. Prof Sajid Mir accused that the PPP rulers were dying for dollars. They are supporting American and Nato forces in the war on terror to pile up their own accounts in the name of coalition assistance funds," he claimed, adding that the rulers were being busy in looting and shifting the national wealth to different banks of the world including Swiss banks. The JAH chief claimed that the current rulers were the salves of America, adding that due their wrong and bad governance abject poverty had forced the poor masses to selling their children and commit suicides. "President Zardari and Interior Minister issued visas to 400 American terrorists from Pakistan embassy in Dubai in just one day including CIA agents like Remand Davis," he pointed out, adding that Pakistani rulers were busy in corruption which had caused irreparable loss to the country at all fronts including economically and morally. Sajid Mir alleged that owing to corruption rampant from Presidency to lower level in different organisations including PIA, Railways, Pakistan Steel Mills and Wapda, all these profit-earning organisations were on the verge of bankruptcy. He argued that the skyrocketing prices of daily-use items like petrol, electricity etc had made the life of the masses miserable in the country. He said that the rulers having all their personal assets, properties, capital and kids spending luxurious life in western countries could not be loyal to the poor people of Pakistan. "They are working on their personal agenda just to live their own life and to make money by corruption. They can't safeguard Pakistani interests and unable to talk to America bravely and strongly," he asserted. On the occasion, the participants and Prof Sajid Mir raised slogans in favour of the implement of Islamic law in the country for the betterment and prosperity of the masses. JAH Punjab Ameer Prof Abdul Sattar Hamad, District Ameer Hafiz Suleman Azhar, Hafiz Umer Saddiq, Qari Abdul Hafiz, Allam Manzoor Ahmed, former MOA Zulfiqar Nain Dogar, former MNA Shahid Manzoor Gill, Sh Muhammad Tariq along with hundreds of participants attended the conference.