SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT NEW YORK - The anti-Wall Street movement entered its 23rd day on Sunday as the voices of demonstrators echo louder beyond New Yorks financial district, and even seeks an end to the Afghan war. Protesters across the country - from Boston to San Francisco, from Chicago to Houston - have united in the leaderless Occupy Wall Street movement that basically decries corporate greed and social inequality. On Saturday, authorities used pepper spray on a group of protesters trying to enter the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, forcing the building to close about two hours early. Demonstrators railing against US participation in the war in Afghanistan initially gathered Saturday, along with protesters aligned with the national Occupy Wall Street movement. Washington demonstrators chanted Occupy Wall Street ... Occupy Every thing, and never give it back. Some started to enter the museum to demonstrate against displays of military drones used in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. We wanted to go inside and protest at those particular items of destruction, and the crowd was pepper sprayed going in and was forced out of the building, said one of the protesters. He said that one of the protesters pushed a museum security guard against a wall, prompting another guard to respond with pepper spray to force demonstrators outside. In New York, the mayor of the city where the Occupy movement began blasted many of those involved, saying they were targeting the nations financial sector and trying to destroy the jobs of working people in New York City. The remarks drew criticism from Tyler Combelic, a spokesman for Occupy Wall Street, who claimed Bloomberg hasnt really represented all of New Yorkers. Agencies add: The National Air and Space Museum in Washington was closed Saturday after anti-war demonstrators tried to enter the building to protest a drone exhibit. A number of groups have been demonstrating in the city in the past week. The group that arrived at the museum Saturday included individuals affiliated with the October 2011 Stop the Machine demonstration, which has been going on in the citys Freedom Plaza and has an anti-war and anti-corporate greed message. The group also included protesters affiliated with Occupy DC, a group modeled on the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. Occupy DC has been holding marches and meetings in Washingtons McPherson Square.