RAWALPINDI (Agencies) - The detainees in Adyala jail are being served sub-standard food which is causing diseases among them. As per details, unhygienic food is being served to detainees in Adyala jail, which is badly affecting their health. The detainees have complained that substandard ghee is being used for cooking food while expire vegetables are being cooked. The residents wailed that tea is being served without milk and sometimes without sugar. Half backed rotis are being served in the jail. The detainees have appealed to the high authorities to take notice of the situation and ensure provision of standard food in the jail. Meanwhile, a large number of stallholders, shopkeepers and vendors are selling unhygienic food, drinks and beverages which are causing abdominal diseases among the residents and children of Rawalpindi city. The stalls of ice creams, fruit chart, cold drinks and other eatables set up particularly in city streets, roadsides, outside schools and parks of the town are selling unhygienic food items. The residents pointed out that the stalls have been mainly set up in Tench Bhatta, 22 Number Chongi, Lalkurti, Raja Bazar, Murree road, Khayaban Sirsyed, Bhabra bazaar, Faizabad, and several other areas. The citizens urged the authorities concerned to take notice of the situation and ensure elimination of selling of unhygienic food and drinks. Sale of unhygienic food items has also increased in various bazaars of Rawalpindi Cantt. Though, hundreds samples of food items are collected monthly from various shops of the Cantt area, but there is no visible change in the situation as the business of low-quality food items is increasing with the passage of time. The use of used cooking oil and ghee for frying edibles is also going on unchecked, putting peoples health at a risk in most of the markets of the town. Even some renowned restaurants had also been found using cooking oil for more than eight days in their fryers. It is generally observed that many shopkeepers mix new oil in already used oil, which is a very dangerous practice.The consumers of these fried items have demanded before the concerned authorities to stop these practice by the the shopkeepers and vendors. It is a matter of concern that these items are prepared in filthy, unhygienic conditions in gross violation of the rules. Most of the people in this business do not adopt any measure to maintain the quality of oil as well as to increase the useful life of frying oils.When an official of food quality control was contacted, he claimed that crackdowns are conducted regularly against the violators of the law and strict action is taken in this regard.