WASHINGTON/KABUL (INP) - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Sunday appearing to soft-pedal the strain in Pak-US ties, said Washington was deeply committed to long-standing relationship with Pakistan despite the complexities and challenges that sometimes arise. The secretary of state answered questions on Indo-US ties, Delhis role in world affairs and the recent US spat with Pakistan over its approach in dealing with terrorism. Though we have had our differences, both of our countries recognise the critical need for continued cooperation across a wide range of issues and especially in our shared fight against terrorism. Together we have worked to destroy, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda, she said. She proposed a strong, constructive relationship between India, China and the US to solve pressing issues of the 21st century. Indias leadership will help to shape positively the future not only of South and Central Asia, but also of the Asia Pacific, she said urging New Delhi not just to look East, but to engage East. Outlining a new US thinking, 63-year-old Clinton said that her country was committed to a strong, constructive relationship among India, the US and China. Appreciating Indias engagement with other countries, Clinton said it could serve as a model for the entire region. Meanwhile in Kabul, US special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Marc Grossman said extremism and terrorism is a threat to Pakistan, and its a threat to Afghanistan, and the United States. The US is trying to have a relationship with Pakistan based on shared interests that we can act on together, Grossman said in an interview with Afghan television. He said one of the things that is loud, right in front, is that the number of Pakistani civilians who have been killed in terrorist attacks is just enormous. Nineteen thousand Pakistani civilians have been killed in terrorist attacks since 2003. He said there is a need for engagement between United States, Pakistan and between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Grossman said Pakistan has some very important work to do in the anti-terrorism area, and thats especially true with the Haqqani network. Asked about the APC resolution in Pakistan, Grossman said Pakistani parliamentarians, members of civil society recognise that terrorism and extremism are a threat to them. He said Pakistan and the US actually have collaborated extremely effectively on the question of al Qaeda. He said as pointed out by President Obama, they captured more al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan than in any other country in the world and that would not have happened without the efforts between Pakistan and the US. As far as Haqqani network and others are concerned, Pakistan has some work to do, we want them to do it, and we want this relationship between Pakistan and the US, to be focused on shared interests, acted on together, he remarked. He said the US will continue to call on Pakistan to end the safe havens and enablers that allow people to come into Afghanistan and attack. Grossman believed its now the opportunity and the responsibility of the government of Pakistan to start to deal with these problems. The government of Pakistan recognises that extremism and terrorism is a threat to them, and its time to deal with these questions, he said.