LAHORE Like other parts of the globe, World Mental Health Day will be observed across the country including the City on Monday (today) with the purpose to raise public awareness about psychological problems and diseases. WMHD is observed globally on October 10 every year under different theses. The WMHD theme this year is Building Resilience Together. Mental Health Week raises community awareness about mental health issues and is held every October to coincide with WMHD. This year, Mental Health Week runs from October 9 to 15. On the WMHD and during the Mental Health Week, healthcare organisations, NGOs, medical universities and colleges across the country including Lahore will organise seminars, walks and lectures to highlight the problems relating to mental sickness and responsibilities of public, especially the relatives of mentally retarded people. According to an estimate, over 450 million people in the world suffer from mental disorder and out of these 20 million are in Pakistan. Over one million depressed people commit suicide every year across the world.