KARACHI (PR) Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited (EPCL), as part of its CSR initiative, has signed an agreement with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to set up two new purpose-built school campuses in Ghaggar Phattak, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi. These two new facilities will serve as a primary school for girls and boys in the vicinity which lacks quality education infrastructure. The agreement was signed by Imran Anwer, CEO & President – Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited, and Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad, CEO & President, TCF.

With the construction of these two new purpose built schools, EPCL will be providing quality education through TCF to more than 1200 under served children. This agreement is aimed to further increase the outreach and spread literacy in different areas of Gaghar Phattak, said Rao Mubeen Ahmed, head of Public Affairs & CSR of Engro Polymer.

 He further added, “We are committed to pay a handsome contribution towards the betterment of the less privileged communities in various fields like education, health, safe drinking, skill development and environment to bring the positive change within these neglected areas of our country.”

Imran Anwar, CEO Engro Polymer & Chemicals, said: “We believe Pakistan’s solution going forward lies in quality education. It is only by educating these young minds today that we can move forward. We at Engro feel it is also our responsibility to provide our adjoining communities related opportunities in this regard.