OKARA - The Pakistan Alliance on Right to Information (PA-RTI) after five-day-long campaign in 50 districts of the country including Okara has demanded the federal government to establish Pakistan information commission (PIC) and allocate resources for the establishment of information commission in all the provinces. The PA-RTI also vowed to make Legislation on right to information for implementation of right to information laws in the country which ultimate would set a social accountability campaign and help eliminate corruption from public offices.

According to a press release, non-governmental organisations including Sustainable Social development organization (SSDO) in collaboration with Centre for inclusive Governance (CIG), have launched (PA-RTI) and engaged activists which includes civil society organisation, academic institutions and activists of right to information across the country. The PA-RTI will organize research programs on current situation on right to information's, design massive awareness campaigns through local partners and take onboard students from academic institutions to engage them in the social accountability campaign.

The alliance of SSDO and CIG was assisted by different civil society organisation in this five-day-long celebrations including Youth Advocacy Network (YAN), Citizen Relation Group (CRG), Pothohar Mental Health Association (PMHA) Foundation for Awareness and Civic Engagement (FACE), Equality for all development organization (EFA), Centre for policing and security (CPS) along with two other NGO's for massive awareness and advocacy policy under the title of "MALOOMAT HAMARA HAQ" on the occasion of international right to know day 2018. Syed Kausar Abbas, Director SSDO, said that the SSDO in collaboration with other civil society organisations in a massive campaign had educated people about the process of questioning the government by using Right to information laws as it would improve services delivery of the public offices.

Solar energy for reducing domestic power expenses

The solar power system should be adopted at domestic level to reduce the electricity expenses. This was suggested by Flt Lt (r) Ch Arshad Iqbal, a local PML-N leader and founding president of Okara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), during a media talk here. He said: "Solar system at domestic level is an easy task to be accomplished. It can bring a significant reduce to a family's power expenses."

Presently, he said, even in bazaars the small shopkeepers had set a solar plate in the sun at the threshold of their shops and ran a solar fan inside without battery. The battery was needed to receive back up of stored solar energy at night also. He further told that even the solar burners and ovens were available at the market to replace the costly gas connections and the cylinders. Besides, he said that the solar energy kept the atmosphere quite clean during and after use. He further suggested that the government banks must extend easy loans for installation of solar energy plants at homes that could be returned very easily and early.

He said that it would decrease of life burden over common people's neck. On the other hand, the District Council (DC) has passed two resolutions in its meeting chaired by Rao Saad Ajmal Khan, the DC vice chairman. The first was against the arrest of Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif. The second was against the dissolution of local bodies system in the name of reforms. Both resolutions were opposed by the opposition.