KARACHI - To regulate metropolis traffic, the city police chief Tuesday announced heavy penalties for violating traffic laws.

Karachi police Chief Dr Amir Sheikh directed concern police officials across the city to arrest the people violating the rules and regulations. He particularly directed to those coming from the wrong side of the road crating traffic jam issues.

The decision was taken by the Additional IG Karachi Dr Amir Sheikh against wrong way-goers across the city to ensure implementation of traffic rules and regulations.

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The people coming from the wrong side of the road will be arrested under Section 297 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Sections 297 describes rash driving or riding on a public way. Apart from arresting the people coming from the wrong side, their vehicles would also be impounded.

The traffic police launched a crackdown and arrested two policemen after the Karachi police chief issued orders that commuters travelling the wrong-way be arrested and their vehicles will also impounded.

The two policemen who were arrested while travelling wrong-way near the Zainab Market in Saddar were later shifted to the Artillery Maidan police station for further legal proceedings.