KARACHI (PR) Nutrition International (NI) organised a provincial orientation workshop for journalists and media personnel on Diarrhea prevention and management in children younger than five years. The workshop focused on the harmful effects of diarrhea in child growth and nutrition. The workshop intended to sensitize the audience on utilization of mass media in influencing knowledge and thereby changing behaviors. 

The workshop aimed to enhance the capacity building of the journalists regarding the impact diarrheal illness has on children, and how significant of a role can they play in increasing awareness to the masses.

, through effective reporting of cases associated with diarrhea and by educating the general public on adapting the necessary preventative measures.

Gracing the occasion with his presence, Additional Director General Health Sindh, Dr Waqar Mehmood hailed the efforts of NI to promote the awareness diarrheal diseases and said, “Pakistan is ranked amongst the top seven countries with the highest number of diarrhea cases, and the increasing number of deaths associated to it. It is imperative that our countrymen should understand the importance of health and nutrition of children, and adapt all necessary measures to prevent deaths caused as a result of these illnesses”.

It is pertinent to mention that despite the great progress made by media science and the many new tools and the vaccines now available to protect children, far too many preventable child deaths occur.