ISLAMABAD - The opposition is planning to submit adjournment motion in the National Assembly to debate recent economic policies of PTI’s government, including its decision to approach IMF for bailout package.

The opposition might stress the government to suspend the rest of the agenda of the National Assembly and initiate debate on the recent economic decision of the government, background discussions with the opposition parties’ members left this impression.

They are planning to raise the matter about sudden decision to approach IMF for bailout package, as earlier the ruling party’ senior members had strongly criticised previous governments’ economic policies.

The present government’s economic wizards in their previous speeches used to accused the previous government of deteriorating situation in the country. They also claimed that present government had inherited 6.6 per cent of fiscal deficit due flawed polices of the previous government.

On Wednesday, the PTI’s government had decided to take bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to avert the balance of payment crisis. Prime Minister Imran Khan had given approval to take new loan programme in the Economic Advisory Council. Sources said the opposition parties including PML-N, PPP-P and MMA have also decided to target the newly-elected government over historic level surge in dollar price, causing overall negative impact. The US dollar has reached to historical high of Rs138 in open market.

The major opposition had already submitted a requisition in the National Assembly Secretariat asking the speaker to immediately summon the national assembly session. This requisition was submitted by the opposition, as the PML-N wants a debate in the house over the arrest of leader of opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif.

The speaker, as per the rules, is bound to call the assembly session within 14 days of submission date if a requisition is signed by not less than one-fourth members of the total strength of the House.