ISLAMABAD - Ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf has decided not to succumb to the opposition parties’ pressure demanding immediate summoning of the National Assembly session and most likely it would be called sometime next week.

Sources aware of the developments taking place on this front informed The Nation that government was in no mood to oblige the opposition parties by calling the National Assembly session immediately to discuss the issue of Leader of Opposition Shehbaz Sharif’s arrest by NAB.

Soon after the arrest of Shehbaz Sharif’s arrest, opposition parties had submitted requisition of the National Assembly session to Speaker Asad Qaiser at his residence on October 6 and requested him to immediately summon the session to discuss with hunt of Leader of Opposition by accountability apparatus of the country.

As per the rules of business and conduct of National Assembly following the submission of requisition by the members Speaker National Assembly is bound to summon the session of the house within 14 days from the date of filing of requisition.

So under the law, the Speaker could delay the calling of the session till 20th of this month. Sources aware of the developments taking place on this front informed that government would delay the session till the by-polls which would be held on 14th of this month. Responding to the opposition parties caution of strong protest in case of not calling the session of the National Assembly within couple of days, Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that upper house of the Parliament is in session and all what opposition parties wanted to bring on the floor of the house they could do it in Senate.

He further doubted the signatures of 90 MPs on the requisition and said that the Speaker National Assembly was independent to decide on the opposition parties’ requisition and would call the session accordingly.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Law and Justice Farogh Naseem called on Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser at Parliament House on Tuesday. The matters pertaining to upcoming session of the National Assembly and legislation on important national issues were discussed in the meeting.

The Speaker said that the current political situation and other important matters in the country should be resolved in the Parliament. Emphasising the need for active enactment of legislation in order to provide relief to masses, he said that the legislation on important national issues will be carried out with consultation of leaders of all Parliamentary Parties in the House.

He further said that to resolve the national issues in the Parliament was in best interest of the country and he wanted that matters of national importance including law and orders situation, water and energy crises and stability of economy in the country should be discussed in the House in detailed.

Asad Qaiser said that all the political parties in the National Assembly need to be involved in for the security and economic stability in the country. He said that Standing Committees were the important components of the Parliament and their early completion was necessary for prompt enactment of legislation. He said that to bring the country out of crises was our common responsibility and Parliament is the best forum to resolve the problems confronted to the masses. He said that all heads of Parliamentary Parties have to play the role to keep the environment of House peaceful.

Minister for Law and Justice Farogh Naseem said that in order to resolve the issues of the public the Government was serious in enactment of legislation and believed that Parliament is a supreme Institution and was inevitable for resolving the public issues and legislation. He assured the all-out cooperation of the Government in keeping the House environment peaceful and strengthening of its sanctity.