ISLAMABAD - A high-level meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf central leadership Tuesday decided to actively project the government policies and decisions at all levels mainly on media to dispel the negativities engulfing the rulers and their decisions.

Held under the chair of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the meeting discussed in details some of the decisions taken by the government purely under administrative considerations but the same were projected with completely out of context in the media.

Prime Minister Imran asked the party leaders particularly cabinet members to come out vociferously to counter the negative propaganda of opposition which in the past few days had put the ruling PTI on mat due to some of the decisions.

Sources aware of the deliberations of the meeting informed The Nation that Prime Minister Imran Khan was visibly perturbed over the mounting criticism on some of the government policies and wanted the party leaders to effectively counter the same on media and to give the true picture and defend the PTI government decisions.

It was also decided in the meeting that party leaders would highlight the reasons which had forced the government to secure IMF loan and the economic compulsions which led to take difficult economic decisions including hike in the prices of gas and electricity to the displease of general masses.

The sources further informed that Prime Minister Imran would also be actively taking part in the activity to highlight the messing up of the economy by the previous rulers which has forced the government to take these tough and unpopular decisions.

It was further decided in the meeting that PTI leaders would also highlight these issues on the floor of the Parliament and would be devising a proactive policy for projecting the government’s point of view on media especially on television talk shows.

The PTI leaders would also highlight the reasons behind the arrest of Shehbaz Sharif and other political figures allegedly involved in corruption cases and dispel the impression of government’s involvement in these arrests.

The post-Shehbaz arrest scenario and ganging up of opposition parties on the issue also came under discussion in the meeting and it was decided that government would not show any laxity on the issue and uphold the policy of zero tolerance against corruption and corrupt practices in the country.

Main opposition party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz will be staging a protest against the arrest of Shehbaz Sharif by NAB outside the Parliament and would record their protest against what they considered a political victimisation.

The opposition parties had filed requisition with Speaker National Assembly for early summoning of National Assembly but government was wavering on it and not seemed inclined to call National Assembly session in a next couple of days.

The sources said that Prime Minister Imran Khan made it clear in the meeting that government would not succumb to the undue pressure of the opposition parties on early summoning of the National Assembly session but at the same time decided to engage the opposition parties on the issue and most likely the session of lower house would be called sometime next week.