A lot is being written about reluctance of the PPP-led government to start legal proceedings against the former military dictator. The party is being denounced all round on various counts including references to an alleged deal cut in this regard with the guarantees of international brokers. While one cannot disagree with the demand of General Musharraf being brought to book for his actions, it is the practical rough and tumble of our society within which our politics, state and society can act. PPP never approved nor defended General Musharraf's unconstitutional actions of November 3, 2007. In my view, its reluctance to go after Musharraf is owed to the nature of the present power structure, which is heavily tilted in favour of the establishment. The space lost to the powerful establishment over a period of decades would take time and some doing to be regained. All political parties, not just the PPP, have a responsibility to form a consensus in this regard. The parliamentary resolution authorizing initiation of action against Mr. Musharraf may not be a legal necessity but it is no doubt a political necessity. -FARHAT CHAUDHRY, Lahore, via e-mail, August 29.