In the year 2011, a popular mass movement started at Al Tehreer Square in Cairo. The basic objective of the movement was to get rid of the President Husni Mubarik. All the leftist and rightist parties of Egypt took part in this movement, they called it ‘Arab Spring’, and at last President resigned from the office. This fruitful Arab Spring then moved to Libya and the famous military dictatorship of the President Momar Qaddafi failed to control it, and the results were similar to Egypt. The new destination of this spring was Syria, where the movement started against President Bashar ul-Asad, but somehow Syrian government controlled the situation and launched a campaign against the people who were protesting against the government. This military campaign turned into a military action, when the rebels started a kind of civil war against the Syrian Government.

Now for almost a year and half, Syrian government has been fighting the rebels, interestingly these rebels have given a very tough time to Syrian security force and are still fighting. The movement which started as a ‘spring’ has now turned into autumn. The military coup in Egypt by General Al- Sissi has been supported by USA and its allies. The whole Middle East is burning, especially those countries, which are against Israel. It seemed that this ‘Arab Spring’ was prepared to give benefit to Israel and to the oil dependent economies such as USA. Now only one oil rich country is free from US interference and that is Iran. It seemed that US will able to control all the Middle East, if somehow they can get control of Syria, and after wielding this control they can also use special excuses to control Iran.

In this whole scenario, the role of UN, OIC and Saudi Arabia is also very condemnable; it seemed that OIC is just a debating club made to protect the special interests of Saudi Arabia and US. This has also proved one thing that now Muslims the world over have been divided along sectarian lines. Turkey is supporting the dismissed Akhwan-ul-Muslimin government in Egypt, but is against the Syrian government because Syria is a Shiah dominated country. Clearly, one of the biggest fruits of ‘Arab Spring’ is sectarianism, which has greatly divided the Islamic nations.


Lahore, September 4.