PM Nawaz Sharif has taken over the reins of Pakistan government under bad condition. He is facing national bankruptcy and energy crisis. Over and above all this he has been confronted with the unwanted problem of ‘imposing a moratorium on capital punishment’ by the ‘Eastern Union Human Rights Commission’. President Zardari had pushed this problem, like so many others, under the carpet by imposing a restriction on the execution of capital punishment for five years.

Those advocating this demand perhaps do not realize that laws are framed by every country in relation to its own prevalent conditions. Punishment is the only deterrent to curb or eliminate crime but it is unfortunate that due to a lenient attitude of our government’s crime rate has increased as there is no punishment. To apprise the readers of the extent of crime, here are some glimpses of the situation pertaining to a single day ie August 27: a mother  of four strangled by her husband, dacoits gunned down a trader for offering resistance while another trader was killed by unknown persons in Lahore, a school girl was killed after gang rape, two girls were abducted and one woman molested in Sargodha, a father of six was poisoned to death, a woman killed by acid throwing, dead body of a 40 year old man was found Shafiqabad area while the dead body of a young man was found thrown in the lawn of Ganga Ram Hospital of Lahore, the dead body of a woman killed after rape was found in BRB canal of Lahore. This is only Punjab? Adding to this are the incidence of terrorism, 10 shot dead in Karachi while 3 dead bodies found in Lyari, 2 shot dead in Baluchistan while 2 soldiers killed in Swat?

These details are of a single day’s criminal activity taken from only two newspapers of Lahore obviously they do not cover the whole country. On a national level we can realize how horrifying the crime rate is in our country? In view of the situation no one in the country appears to be in favour of abolishing capital punishment. I fully endorse the comments of a senior army officer that ‘our prosecution system is already so weak that doing away with the death penalty would be like last nail in the coffin.’

PM Nawaz Sharif is thus advised not to succumb to any pressure on this issue. The heinous crimes of murder, rape and drug trafficking are punishable by death in most countries of the world. The top countries of the world continuing to apply death penalty are China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and USA.


Lahore, August 31.