After fighting ‘War on Terror’ for more than a decade, the world has become much more dangerous. This war started after 9/11 to eliminate the so-called threat to US. Well the US is safe but Pakistan has lost more than 50 thousand lives in this war, which is not our war! Was this revenge or a political decision by the US, as the only people dying are Muslims, whether they are the so-called ‘Taliban’ or our own forces and civilians?

Every year the USA remembers the dead from the 9/11 disaster; since then they have spent billions of dollars in Afghanistan on killing millions! After 9/11 more than 1.6 million people died of hunger, every year millions of people die because they don’t have access to medicines because of inflation and war. The capital that modern world is spending on defense can be used constructively to bring peace and progress and the USA could change what people think of it. They have become more and more war crazy rather than peace loving people.


Lahore, September 8.