War clouds had engulfed Pakistan by the last week of June 1965, yet the self assumed Field Marshal and his CnC, were caught unawares when India crossed International border on 6 September 1965, and all would have been lost but for the spirit, commitment and bravery of men like Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed and handful of valiant officers and soldiers who laid down their lives forcing the Indian invading forces to retreat, instead of their planned and publicly announced occupation of Lahore. If only we had heeded Quaid-i-Azam when he had said that Ayub Khan was not fit for any promotion, Pakistan would have been the democratic welfare state envisioned by father of nation.

This country owes a lot to the fighting spirit of our brave and valiant generals like Akhtar Malik, A M Asghar Khan, A M Nur Khan, who led from the front and prevented an enemy five times larger from achieving their dream, not only to avenge Rann of Kutch defeat, but destroy this country. Our Army and Air Force inflicted blows on Indian war machines, preventing them from achieving any success, with men like Sarfaraz Rafiqui, M M Alam, Yunus, Sajjad Hyder, Cecil, Alam Siddiqui, Shabbir Hussain Syed, etc. destroying IAF fighting air power, while the brave officers and soldiers of our armed forces laid down their lives, so that we could continue to live as citizens of an independent sovereign nation.

It is unfortunate that those whom fate or intrigue had destined to lead this country after 1965 war, were not capable to hold important sensitive assignments held by them and this country had to suffer humiliation of 1971 debacle.


Lahore, September 6.