ISLAMABAD - The ruling party (PTI) will soon convey all its members and coalition partners to ensure their presence in upcoming National Assembly to easily make legislation on important Bills with majority of votes.

The National Assembly session has been summoned on September 13th which will continue for around two weeks.

Parliamentary sources said that the government side would make all out efforts to ensure legislative business avoiding expected bedlam from Opposition on multiple matters.

The government side will try to put government Bills in ‘order of the day’ to carry out legislative work on it.

These Bills, after the introduction, will be referred to the concerned Standing Committee to discuss and vet it properly.

In order to pass the Bills, sources said, the ruling party will convey its all the members and allied partners to ensure presence during the sessions.

On the other side, the Opposition is all set to give tough time to government promulgating Ordinance, appointment of CEC members by President Arif Alvi, non-issuance of production order and other matters.