Georgia     -   The US Coastguard has made contact with four crew members of a cargo ship that capsized off the coast of the state of Georgia on Sunday.

All are now confirmed to be alive. Rescue teams will drill a hole in the hull to send through supplies while they plan their extraction.

Car carrier the Golden Ray overturned early on Sunday morning after leaving the port of Brunswick.

Authorities only managed to save 20 of the crew before fire forced them back.

Those remaining on board are all South Korean nationals, the country’s foreign ministry said.

Rescuers have now made contact with those crew members still aboard the Golden Ray and are planning an extraction, the US Coastguard has tweeted.

“Response crew will drill a hole to deliver supplies,” they added.

Footage from the scene showed a US coastguard helicopter landing on the heavily listing Golden Ray, and rescue teams assessing the vessel’s hull.

Six South Koreans, 13 Filipinos and the US ship pilot were evacuated from the vessel on Sunday, South Korea’s foreign ministry reportedly said.

According to, the Golden Ray was en route to Baltimore. The ship was built in 2017 and was reportedly carrying more than 4,000 vehicles when it tipped over.

No other ship is allowed within half a mile (0.8km) of the Golden Ray under an emergency safety zone set up by the coastguard.

The reason for the ship’s capsize is under investigation, a coastguard news release stated. The National Transportation Safety Board has assigned two investigators to help.

Golden Ray is owned by the Hyundai Glovis logistics company and operates under a Marshall Islands flag.