At least 15 people, including five members of the Iraqi security forces, were wounded in bombings in central Iraq and the capital Baghdad on Tuesday, security officials said. The attacks came a day after 51 people were killed in bombings near the restive northern Iraqi city of Mosul and in Baghdad, the deadliest day since US troops pulled out of urban centres across Iraq at the end of June. In the worst attack on Tuesday, nine people were injured when a car bomb exploded in a market in the Shaab suburb of northeast Baghdad, an interior ministry official told a foreign news agency. In the town of Baquba, north of Baghdad, a six-year-old boy was injured when the car he was travelling in was hit by a roadside bomb, an official from the local security force command said. Two soldiers were also wounded by a roadside bomb in the town of Abara outside Baquba, capital of the province of Diyala, which remains one of the most dangerous areas in the country.