KARACHI - The main character of Lyari gang warfare, Abdul Rehman Baloch alias Rehman Dakait enjoyed his life both as Duan as well as a volunteer due to his people-loving attitude and his inclination towards welfare works. He was considered as Robin Hood, The Nation has learned on Monday. Rehman has a long history as a criminal gang leader as well as a volunteer. In the light of police files, he started his career as a criminal by following his fathers footstep, named Dad Mohammad alias Dadul, who had the same history. Lyari is the oldest locality of the metropolis that has a long history of criminal gangs as compare to other areas, while the political and social activists termed all such crime activities by the patronage of higher police as well as the intelligence agencies. According to police record, Rehman was the extra genius person as he strengthened his power and moved to different areas, where he toughened his domination in major old parts of the metropolitan. In the meantime, its strange that he had never been involved in any robbery and also avoiding killing or hearting the innocent people. During the Lyari Gang warfare when he occupied all his rival dominated areas, he controlled over the street crime, also forbade the people to conduct aerial firing. He also made his influences all other criminal gangs operated in Lyari, and maintained it since his death. The police said that over 80 cases of murders, attempt to murder, kidnapping for ransom, encounters and other crimes were registered in all four police stations of Lyari including, Baghdadi PS, Kalakot PS, Chakiwara PS and Kalri PS as well as other police stations. He was also arrested two times, but managed to flee. Once he was arrested in 1996, while second time, he was arrested in 2005 by Lyari Task Force Police led by SSP Aslam Chaudhry, but his arrest was not disclosed and finally he was given opportunity to escape after negotiation. Rehman was the resident of Kalakot and the son of Dadul. His father and uncle Sherukh were also the drug peddlers in 70s. He continued work for the Haji Lalu, father of his rival Arshad Papu and even nobody could run the business without the permission of Lalu, not only in Lyari but across the city. He started his career with his childhood friend, Arif Baloch, who was killed in police encounter, while following the death of Arif, Rehman had established the gang in 1995. Soon after establishing his gang, he started fight with Babu Dacoit; another gangster.