ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly Monday witnessed uproar when PML-Q lawmakers levelled corruption charges against the government institutions. In reply treasury benches kept blaming the previous government for looting countrys resources. A number of PML-Q MPs Monday on a calling attention notice levelled corruption charges against government institutions and public sector corporations appearing in a section of the press. Upon this, harsh words were exchanged between the two sides particularly between PML-Q Parliamentary Leader Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan. Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan, while responding to the charges, said that the reports appearing in a section of the press about the alleged corruption in government institutions and public sector corporations were false. He said that it had happened for the first time that a news item appearing in a section of the press was made basis for the calling attention notice. He said what appeared in the paper was a personal opinion and newspaper reports and rumours could not be made basis for the allegation of 'generalised corruption. PML-Q Parliamentary Leader, Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat asked why PIA was purchasing airplanes worth $ 2 billion at a time when it was under Rs 40 billion deficit. He said that the procurement was meant to earn commissions. Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Dr Babar Awan, while rebutting the charges of corruption levelled by Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat, Ameer Muqam, Bushra Rehman, Riaz Hussain Pirzada and Marvi Memon against PIA, FBR, Pakistan Steel, Rental Power Project and IDPs funds respectively said that when such allegations were levelled against a government and a system, which was otherwise working smoothly, it became clear that there were some hidden motives behind such moves. Babar said the real corruption started during the Musharraf era. Upon this, PML-Q parliamentary leader said that as the minister himself had claimed that Musharraf had looted the whole country, PPP government should come forward to invoke Article 6 against Pervez Musharraf. What stops PPP government from registering cases against former President if he was really involved in looting the country, he added. Replying to a question by Riaz Pirzada about the appointment of a junior officer as FBR Chairman, Dr Babar Awan said that anybody from the cadre could challenge the appointment. To another question, he said that entire system of Pakistan Steel was created by Pakistan Peoples Party and the government had stopped its privatisation at a throw away price. Dr Babar Awan said that the real corruption started during Musharrafs rule, when NABs black laws were implemented and people were forced to change their loyalties and a coup was staged against a democratic government. He said that under the dreaded NAB laws, people stopped depositing their money in the banks and the banks also refused to give loans. He said that the people, under circular 29, were forced to change loyalties and then their loans were written off. He said that the calling attention notice had been moved at a time when there was a talk of holding trial of the former dictator. The intention is to divert attention from the dictator who destroyed the national institutions, which the present government has stopped, he stated. The government, he added, was committed that the ministers would reply every allegation levelled against any ministry, its allied departments or a national institutions.