A North American amateur photographer has captured the moment a bald eagle launched a ferocious mid-air attack on an unsuspecting swan in British Columbia, Canada. The adult trumpeter swan was flying over a river when the bald eagle swooped bearing its talons. The eagle, with its massive two metre-wide wings outstretched, landed on the swan. But after a five second struggle the swan escaped the eagles clutches and managed to fly down to the water. After its defeat the eagle, with its distinctive dark brown and white feathers, headed for some nearby trees. The stunning spectacle was captured by 41 year-old amateur photographer Kelly Munday. The mother-of-two was watching the swan fly with a mate over the Lakelse River, in Terrace, British Columbia, when the eagle attacked. She said: I was photographing the swans when the bald eagle came out of nowhere and attacked one of them. They struggled for about five seconds and then the swan broke free, flew down to the water and seemed to be fine. It was a spectacular few seconds and I was lucky enough to capture it. The bald eagle is most recognisable as the national bird and symbol of the USA. It is the second largest raptor in N America, after the Golden Eagle, with a wingspan of up to 2.3m. Bald eagles normally feed on fish, but they are known as an 'opportunistic feeders. - Daily Telegraph