LAHORE-Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan is like a human body and the pain in one part is also felt by the others. He said that in case of problem in any of the Federating units of the country the other areas couldnt remain aloof. In accordance with this spirit, he said, the 17 crore people helped the affectees of Swat generously in their hour of distress and proved that their joys and sorrows are common. He said that lawlessness in Northern Areas is affecting Islamabad, Punjab and other parts of the country, however, the whole nation is united and under the leadership of President and Prime Minister this threat will be countered. He was addressing notables of Swat during his visit to the area with Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, on Monday. Governor NWFP Awais Ahmed Ghani, Chief Minsiter Amir Haider Khan Hoti and other political leaders were also present on the occasion. The Chief Minister Punjab said that a handful of extremists enacted blood bath in Swat in the name of Islam and killed innocent Muslims and thereby tarnished the image of the country. He said that billion of rupees which could be utilised on the welfare of the masses are being spent on countering terrorism and militancy. He said that people of Swat, Malakand and other areas were subjected to worst kind of brutalities and it is a sad chapter of national history. He said that the sacrifices made by the jawans of Pakistan Army as well as officers and officials of police for rooting out extremism and militancy will not go waste. He said that it is a matter of satisfaction that the displaced persons have started returning to their homes, however, it is sad that their near and dear ones had been subjected to cruelties and barbarities by the extremists. He said it is unfortunate that lakhs of people of Swat and other areas were forced to leave their hearths and homes, however, the way govt and people of Punjab have helped them generously is a proof of the fact that they fully share their grief and sufferings. He said that the process of return of affectees has started and now there is a need for provision of basic facilities to them for their rehabilitation. The Chief Minister Punjab assured the Governor and Chief Minister NWFP that the Punjab govt and people of the province will help in the rehabilitation of displaced persons in the same way as they had done for their relief during their stay at camps. He said that national resources belong to 17 crore people of Pakistan and should be spent on their welfare. He said that NWFP govt and administration led by Chief Minister of the province have made commendable efforts for the relief and rehabilitation of displaced persons. In response to the favourable comments made regarding the active role played by the govt and people of Punjab in relief and rehabilitation activities for the affectees, he said that it was a national duty and efforts would continue to be made in this regard till peace and prosperity in every part of the country. He thanked the govt for providing an opportunity to him to express the sentiments of sympathy to the Swat affectees.