SCARLETT Johansson has been chowing down egg whites in a bid to get into shape. The Iron Man 2 beauty says her diet of egg-white omelets and lean turkey, paired with a punishing exercise regime has meant she is stronger, fitter and fabber than ever before - and shes loving it I had to change my diet - when you are working out like that you have to feed your new body so you eat in a different way. Its very clean, she said. I feel much stronger than Ive ever felt just because Ive had to build so much strength. I had no choice, I had to do it - I mean you want to do these stunts and you have to be strong in order to do them. Johansson, 24, recently revealed that she enjoyed getting tough for her role as the Black Widow. Well obviously I dont do damsel in distress very well, she said. The essence of this character is that she throws a punch like its going to go through you. For me that was an exciting challenge. Id never done anything like that before - especially this physical aspect of the stunt work and all that. Id never been able to challenge myself in that way so that was exciting. Something new. And it used up aggression too. - SS