India's Home Ministry has released its report for 2008-09 concerning Naxalite violence. The report makes the astonishing confession that the Naxalite movement has been 'under-estimated' so far while it steadily gained momentum to a point where it is growing increasingly popular with the people now. During the period between 2004-2008, the Naxalites killed 3,338 pro-government people, including security personnel. If January-June 2009 period is taken into account, the casualties have risen to 3,823. Every year witnessed a rise in number of casualties: 566 in 2004, 677 in 2005, 678 in 2006, 696 in 2007, and 721 in 2008. During the current year, the Naxalites have already killed over 485 people between January-June. These casualties relate to the following states: Chhatisgarh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Karnataka. Analysts believe that the movement has proliferated into several other states also. Within a few years, it would be the biggest headache for India, certainly bigger than the freedom movement in Kashmir. I wonder why India has not yet accused the handy scapegoat, Pakistan for the Naxalite violence. India's motto all along has been to lay the blame for all internal violence, be it in any form and anywhere in India, on to Pakistan. That is what the neighbours are for. -A.J. MALIK, Rawalpindi, August 10.