GENEVA (AFP) - Pakistan on Monday held up the resumption of nuclear arms control negotiations at the UN Conference on Disarmament as it asked to reopen a work plan already agreed on by the main nuclear powers. The Pakistan delegation, which on Friday asked for more time to consult with Islamabad, on Monday said it wanted fresh discussions on procedural questions in a draft text detailing the various heads of negotiating groups and the timetable for the talks. I was told by the Pakistan (delegation) that they have received instructions and the instructions are to reopen the text that I thought we had agreed on, said Caroline Millar, the Australian chairwoman of the conference. Im concerned that the compromise that we have may be put in jeopardy, she added. Pakistans ambassador said it was not his countrys intention to hold up progress but it had to work for its own national security interests. Diplomats expressed dismay at Pakistans move. We express our profound disappointment at the latest development in the Conference on Disarmament (CD), said Swedish ambassador Magnus Hellgren, speaking on behalf of the European Union. Since the 29th of May, the CD was again involved in endless consultations on mainly practical procedures issues related to the programme of work, he said. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi is due to address the conference on Wednesday but this has nothing to do with Pakistans stand, diplomats said. Pakistan tested its first nuclear weapons in 1998 in a tense stand-off with long-time rival India which conducted its first test in 1974.