LAHORE - The police on Monday carried out raids on some religious madrassas in different areas of the City and took into custody several students. The police sources said that the raids were conducted on the directions of the police high-ups to check the presence of those foreign students who did not show their identity. The action was taken as a preventive measure to stop any possible reaction from madrassas students after the reports of the death of Baitullah Mehsud. The sources said that more than one dozen students had been taken into custody by the teams of police officials when they failed to produce documents pertaining to their identity. They have been shifted to undisclosed places for interrogation. Most of the arrests came from the religious seminaries situated in the city police and Iqbal Town police divisions. The police teams thoroughly searched some madrassas on the information provided by the law-enforcement agencies and examined the record of the students studying there. The police officials also directed the administrations of the seminaries to keep complete record of their students and the people visiting to meet these students. When contacted SP City Police Division Zeshan Asghar denied any raid or arrest on the religious madrassas saying that the police were just visiting to check record of the foreign students. He said that purpose to visit these religious schools was to keep an eye on the suspected students. To a question, he said police were not instructed by the high-ups to conduct raids at the madrassas.