KARACHI - Sindh High Court on Monday suspended 13 officials including officials of Malir District Jail after disclosing corruptions and misconduct, while directed the Inspector General of Prison of Sindh to take disciplinary action against them and to submit its report till September 28. The single bench of SHC of Justice Ameer Hani Muslim conducted the hearing over the reports of the district judges along with the petition filed by Iqbal Kazmi. District and Sessions Judge of Malir, Mustafa Gulzar Memon, submitted his report regarding the survey of the said prison. The report was inscribed with the issues of corruptions, violation in code of conduct and other mismanagements. While it also revealed that the selling of drugs in the prisons was on peak. After examining the report, the court issued directives to suspend all the higher officials of the district prison except Jailor Shahabuddin Siddiqui. The officials who were suspended including Jail Superintendent Ashiq Gulzar, Deputy Superintendent Anwar Mustafa Zaidi, Chief Warden Imdad Jetohi, Head Warden Musharraf Hussain Shah, Head Warden Mohammad Ali, Warden Adab Hussain and others. In the meantime, the court also restricted for not deploying the suspended officials in the district jail in future also. While passing the rulings in the court, Justice Ameer Hani Muslim said that the under trial prisoners should not be made to work forcefully as it was disclosed in the report. The report also said that the jail officials and personnel treated the prisoners in a cruel and inhuman way. Advocate General Sindh Yousuf Laghari appeared before the court to submit his comments, while the court asked the IG Prison of Sindh to take the disciplinary action against the said officials and to submit its report in the next hearing. In the meantime, Iqbal Kazmi told the court that such report might be the cause of corruption. He pointed out that the Deputy Jail Superintendent Ashiq Gulzar was suspended thrice in corruption charges, but no serious action was taken against him. He also alleged that Rs1.7 million was collected in a single month from the prisoners as bribe. Meanwhile, Gulzar submitted that he was appointed in the prison just three months ago. While Iqbal Kazmi interrupted by saying that the same officials were used to transfer and deploy in the prison and it was a routine practice for them. Similarly, Special Home Secretary Kamran Dost, while replying to a query from the court, said that the prison comes under the home department and the court can take further action against the prison officials if it wants. He maintained that the IG prison is authorised to transfer and for posting the officials of grade 2 to 15, while the rest of higher grade officials were authorised to move by the ministry. The court has also asked the Provincial Finance and Health Secretaries and SP Security to appear before the court in the next hearing.