Reham Khan, spouse of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, said the victims of the child abuse scandal and their parents - are looking towards the Parliament and the Punjab government for justice.

She urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to follow through on his promise to deliver “exemplary punishment” to the culprits.

She was talking to the media after sympathising with the families of victims of massive child abuse and extortion scandal in Hussain Khan Wala village here on Monday.

Reham Khan said that responsibility of this ‘shameful incident’ lies with all of us.

“Justice should be delivered as swiftly as possible and people will not accept any delay in the judicial inquiry,” she asserted.

The PTI chief’s spouse said that “Sexual abuse of children is a problem and there is an urgent need to rid Pakistan of this menace.” She said the scandal has jolted the country to its foundations and damaged the image of country abroad. She criticised the Punjab government for not taking the matter seriously and not approaching the victims for their help. She promised the victims that the PTI would stand with them and would bring the report of judicial commission, constituted by the Punjab Chief Minister, to public.

Criticising the government, Reham Khan said that Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah should not cover up the issue by dubbing it a land dispute.

She stressed the Prime Minister should take immediate action if he cannot visit Kasur. She said that the government’s apathy in the case is sad and tragic. She said that parliamentary parties now bear heavy responsibility in the matter. She appealed to the Punjab government to not delay development in the case unnecessarily.

Khan said that there is no need to form a judicial commission (JC) over the matter. There are witnesses in the case, she added.

Khan said that the media should continue to track progress in the case and conduct as many programmes on the matter as possible. She said that this is not a case of one city but the crime is being committed in different cities including Lahore.

PTI chairman’s spouse called for an immediate action against the seven arrested culprits. She called for exemplary punishments in the case.

She said that PTI is returning to the Parliament today and the party would condemn the incident to the fullest. While answering a question, she said that JC would delay indictment and the government should treat the matter apolitically.

Khan said that she salutes all 284 children who raised voice against the tragedy of the country. There are many more troubled families who are still keeping quiet, she added. sShe praised Nawa-i-Waqt group’s Waqt TV and The Nation for breaking such a stunning but true story.