ISLAMABAD: Businessman Panel of the FPCCI expressed fear of economic downfall over falling exports which is adding to budget deficit and poverty today.

“Dwindling exports are hurting every facet of the economy and society and this has emerged as a big threat to the country,” said Central leader of the Businessman Panel and former vice president FPCCI Khurram Sayeed.

Speaking to the business community, he said that national resources are being diverted towards the affluent while leaving the poor in misery.

“The economic situation is not as good as portrayed due to excellent media management,” he added.

Khurram Sayeed said that country awaits population census since last seventeen years leaving authorities to make policies on assumptions.

He said that sliding exports have started hurting basic facilities like health and education frustrating all except those who are fortunate enough to enjoy these services offered by the private sector.

Frustrated masses are protesting for provision of facilities on reasonable rates while remaining in the system after which they can stand for their rights which will be unfortunate.

The business leader said that the government should reform tax machinery and hold export managers responsible who prefer politics than discharging their duties.