Punjab MEAs Association Provincial President Rana Ishfaq Ahmed has said that the association will continue its struggle for their rights and demanded the Punjab Chief Minister to take notice of the injustices against them.

He expressed these views while addressing the annual MEAs meeting held here on Monday.

All the district Presidents, vice presidents of MEAs including Provincial Vice President MA Abdul Jabar Qamar, Regional Vice Presidents - Nasir Qureshi and Mohammad Sarwar Alvi, general secretary Rana Tayyab, Provincial Media Coordinator Mohammad Sabareen, Rawalpindi Divisional President Tariq Mehmood and all district office-bearers attended the meeting. He said that Chief Minister Monitoring Force was working honestly since 2004 but more than 900 MEAs salaries are not being granted a pay raise nor their jobs could be confirmed despite a lapse of 10 years.

He expressed his mistrust over the committee which was constituted on a court order and said that members of the committee belong to the Education Department, do not serve the purpose. He demanded the inclusion of officers from other departments including MEAs members.

He urged upon the MEAs to shun their differences and create unity in their ranks to get their rights.

He urged upon that all the MEAs to further improve their working, saying he was proud that provincial institutions like the Education, the PIMU and others recommend the reports prepared by MEAs.

He regretted that despite working honestly, they are not being granted their rights.

On the occasion, three committees were formed to further improve the working. They expressed their confidence in the leadership of Rana Ishfaq. Earlier, MEAs divisional and district presidents also addressed the participants.