LAHORE - Pakistan Awami Tehrik Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has said the Kasur incident has brought shame to the nation.

“No such crime can occur without the sponsorship of government and police officials,” he stated while talking to his party leaders from London on Monday. “Whenever Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif declared the formation of a judicial commission it meant he wanted to protect the criminals,” he further said.

“Before forming a new commission, Mr Shahbaz Sharif should first make public the Model Town commission report and explain why this report had not been made public for the last one year.

“We have been waiting for the last five months for a copy of the Judicial Commission report but in vain,” he regretted.

The PAT chairman expressed solidarity with the victims and the affected families of the Kasur incident. He believed the scandal of child abuse has exposed the claims of good governance in Punjab. He further demanded strict action against the culprits and those who had been trying to push this incident under the carpet by officially declaring this a case of land grabbing.

Dr Qadri instructed the human rights wing of PAT to fully support the victims and the families of the Kasur incident, and continue to raise their voice against this sort of cruelty, tyranny and barbarity.