A: What was the point of provoking him? Are you crazy!

S: Look. It was a matter of public justice. I had to interfere. This signal on the mall is confusing, and the only confused people who the police catch are motor bikers and people in small or run down cars. The Pajero wala and the huge Honda wala drove right past the traffic police, making the same error at the crossing. But no. They weren’t even hailed down. So I got out of my car and went to talk to the vultures.

A: Are you crazy! You can’t interfere into the jobs of policemen.

S: Yes I can. If we don’t speak up, they will continue to exploit us. The boy on the motor bike was pleading that it was an honest mistake.

A: Sadiq a mistake is still a crime. Just because the other went free doesn’t mean the ones caught should not have to pay.

S: Why? Selective justice not justice. Just because the one cause was made to pay, does not mean the other should go free. Our attitudes are in reverse! The traffic police get’s away with it because they know no one will speak up. To top it all, this crossing is so confusing, there is an officer permanently stationed there, just chilling on his bike waiting to catch fish. It is one thing to make people follow the law and make sure traffic is smooth and safe. But it is quite another to prey on people making honest mistakes because of the ridiculous placing of the traffic lights!

A: Look. You interfered, and what happened.

S: There were two officers who were very, very rude to me. Not only did they challan the boy on the bike. They took my license too, just for speaking to them about the horrible job they were doing.

A: I don’t think you should have gone up to them, but I do think that taking your license was the wrong thing to do. But you do see, that they were not in the wrong legally. You can’t really prove that they let the big cars go, and you cant say that they were wrongly prosecuting the boy on the bike either.

S: I know. Even though its all very “legal” its wrong. Its not about the law, its about being good people and good citizens.