KARACHI - Rangers on Monday arrested six alleged notorious target killers-cum-extortionists, affiliated with MQM, during the ongoing surgical action in one of the city’s old areas Ranchore Lane locality.

Their arrests were disclosed at the Rangers’ Meetha Ram Hostel on Monday evening where Rangers officials informed the media men about the criminal activities of the arrested MQM men and also put on display the recovered weapons from their possession.

The target killers arrested included Khurram alias Macchar, Mehmood, Shahid alias Kala, Mobin, Zubair alias Handi and Kashif alias Macha. Rangers officials also recovered 14 sub machineguns (SMGs), six pistols, two mozers, a rifle, one MP-5, a 9mm pistol, 32 Awan bombs, two uni-barrel rockets, two light machineguns (LMGs), two hand grenades, five kilogrammes of explosives and hundreds of ammunition.

They said one Khurram alias Machar was a close aide of target killer and in-charge of MQM unit-28 namely Ikhlas who is involved in extortion, dumping of weapons and target killers. Mehmood is an active worker of MQM unit-20. Earlier, he was arrested in November 2014 and currently he was on bail. During the initial investigation, he has confessed 47 murders and also involved in kidnapping and torture.

Giving details about Shahid alias Kala, Rangers officials said he was also an active worker of MQM unit-31. Earlier, he was arrested on September 16, 2014 and was currently on bail. He also confessed to have killed at least six people during the initial interrogation. Similarly, Mobin, a committee member of MQM unit-20 was earlier arrested on May 17, 2013 and was currently on bail. He has also confessed numerous target killings, extortion, arson, rioting and other heinous crimes.

Zubair who is an active worker of Ranchore Lane sector of MQM was also accused of being involved in armed clashes with Lyari gang war and Sunni Tehreek, rioting, murders after kidnappings, cash van robberies during which two security guards were killed in Azizabad in 2013 and extortion.

Talking about another MQM worker Kashif, Rangers officials said Kashif was associated with the MQM unit-30 and was involved in various cases of targeted killings and extortion.