LAHORE - Former Supreme Court Bar Association president Asma Jahangir has deplored the manner in which lawyers hooted and raised slogans in the courtroom of the Lahore High Court chief justice.

“Such hooliganism is unacceptable particularly as those who have condemned such misbehavior are being threatened,” she said in a press release.

 “The judiciary should have taken action earlier when in similar circumstances lawyers have beaten up colleagues and litigants in court. On other occasions opposing lawyers have been threatened from accepting briefs where lawyers have vested interest. It is time to stop such breeches of our code of conduct as otherwise professional lawyers will become hostage to a violent lot of lawyers and practice for decent lawyers in courts will not be possible,” she added

“At the same time, lawyers expect courtesy from judges and an improvement in the quality of justice. The method of appointment of judges is flawed and not transparent. Lawyers who have hardly practiced in court have been elevated to the Bench. The mediocre level of some judges has lowered the standard of justice and overburdened capable members of the judiciary. I also urge judge to give full respect to bar association leaders but keep a distance from their politics and not to pander to their unreasonable requests.”