ISLAMABAD - The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has received 104 plagiarism cases from different stakeholders since 2006, out of which 86 cases have been resolved while 18 are in the process at university or HEC level. Speaking to the members of the Quality Assurance Division, Dr Javaid R Leghari, Chairperson HEC, appreciated the speedy processing of the plagiarism cases received at HEC. We must also remember that justice delayed is justice denied, he stressed. The Chairperson said that the Plagiarism Policy, circulated by HEC in 2007, provides complete guidance about process of investigation, procedure for constitution of Plagiarism Standing Committee and punishment, etc. The Policy apprises students, faculty members and staff who are involved in research about plagiarism, its different manifestations and about respective consequences and punishments, he said. Dr Leghari said that universities are expected to address the major reasons of plagiarism which are generally time management, promotion stress, imbalanced workload distribution among teachers, weaker writing skills, different educational background, new learning environment and lack of research publications culture at the universities. These factors may contribute towards an environment where researchers reproduce already published information with their names so that they may be promoted on time.