ISLAMABAD - After Ogras decision, FBR has now imposed ban on further import of CNG cylinders in the country by blacklisted companies, it was learnt reliably. The incumbent government is desperately imposing restrictions only to discourage CNG business in the country. Earlier, in a summary of the Petroleum Ministry sent to the ECC for final approval it was sought to impose ban on the import of CNG kits, CNG fitted vehicles, sources said. The LPG mafia along with government gurus is all set to promote LPG filling stations in the country by discouraging CNG market and its clientage, they added. It is relevant to note here that a large number of cylinders made by these companies have been installed in various vehicles in the country. In this regard, Ogra had also sent the names of these blacklisted companies to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Customs officials in a bid to ensure that these companies could not import cylinder from the foreign countries. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra), in a bid to control the growing accidents of CNG cylinders blasts, had blacklisted foreign companies involved in providing CNG storage and vehicle cylinders in the country so far. Ogra has blacklisted 12 companies providing CNG storage cylinder and six companies providing CNG vehicle cylinder in the country as they ironically all do not have Cylinder Testing Certificate of international standards. It was learnt that the companies which remained providing CNG storage cylinder were Chongching, Tailor Wharten, MESCO, N.K Corporation, Vintec, IGVI, BTC, Kioshi and UEF while those companies that remained involved in providing CNG vehicle cylinder were Inflex, EKC UEA, EKC India, BTIC, Cilbrass and Dalmine, which are included in the list of blacklisted companies. These companies were advised to obtain test certificate from the Canadian Power Tech Laboratory. Sources further informed that Ogra would delete their names from the blacklisted companies if Canadian Power Tech Laboratory awarded them required certificate on their cylinders qualifying international standards. Sources further informed that this strict measure of the Ogra is to control the growing accidents of cylinder blasts .