OUR STAFF REPORTER NANKANA SAHIB - Corrupt and ineligible rulers have failed to safeguard the country as they are busy in exploiting the basic human rights of the people. Civil society activists, traders, political figures and citizens of the city including Sh Faisal Akram Advocate, Traders Union Vice-President Hakeem Riaz Ahmed, Tahir Mahmood Hajvari and others gathered here Saturday to mark the Human Rights Day. They said that our corrupt politicians, enjoying lavish lifestyle on the nations expenses, had no roadmap for the betterment of masses and were busy in making money ignoring the basic rights of the masses. They said that our leaders were serving the super powers like salve just for extension of their rule and had failed to provide education, clean drinking water and security to the poor nation. The speakers, at the gathering, said that our rulers were not able to protect even self-respect of the poor masses of the country and trying to make them fool on empty slogans as the nepotism, corruption, destruction of the national institutions, unemployment, unavailability of medicines in government hospitals, prices of essential food items were increasing day by day.