SHERGARH - With the advent of crushing season, sugarcane-laden tractor-trolleys are causing great deal of inconvenience to the public and private transport especially on single-lane Shergarh-Depalpur Road. Besides blocking traffic for hours, these tractor-trolleys sometimes also result in road mishaps. The Shergarh-Depalpur Road is a 10-feet wide single lane road. The major portion of the road is badly cracked and filled with craters. Besides, the road is not supported by solid soil on both sides and the soil that had been accumulated on both sides on its construction has also turned into ditches with the time. As a result, only one laden tractor-trolley consumes the whole road, leaving no or little space to pass or cross, resulting in mishaps and traffic jams. On Saturday, one similar tractor-pulled trolley loaded with sugarcane overturned on the road as it got off the road to create a little room for a car coming from the opposite direction. Luckily, all three men on the tractor-trolley survived the accident unhurt and only the driver sustained minor injuries. On the other hand, the officials concerned and traffic police have turned a blind eye to the 'menace which is evident from the fact that not a single sugarcane-laden tractor-trolley has been fined so far either on Shergarh-Depalpur Road or Shergarh-Hujra Road that leads to Abdullah Sugar Mills, the final destination of these trolleys. With a loading capacity of 700 maunds, these tractor-pulled trolleys are overloaded with more than 1300 to 1500 maunds of cane. Thus loaded with three to four times more against their capacity. Moreover, these tractor-trolleys cause worst traffic jams, especially at Chowk 38/D and Karnal Chowk besides resulting in mishaps on the entire road. The season of sugarcane transportation continues for about six months, starting from November to April while overloading of vehicles goes unnoticed by the authorities concerned. To prevent road accidents and ease traffic chaos during the crushing season, the authorities concerned either need to double the road or restrict the load on these trolleys to their capacity. As a short term solution, the mishaps can also be contained by repairing the road and putting fresh supporting soil on its both sides.