LAHORE The right of liberty, life and job security, peasants and the down trodden, fair wages, healthy working conditions and social protection to the working class are the fundamental rights. The UN Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and ILO ratified by the Government of Pakistan on the fundamental rights uphold all the basic rights. These views were expressed by Justice (R) Tanveer Ahmed Khan, I A Rehman and Khurshid Ahmad on the eve of commemoration of UN Declaration Human Rights here on Saturday in a special meeting held at Bakhtiar Labor Hall under the aegis of Pakistan Workers Confederation. The speakers lamented the plight of the working class in the country over rising poverty, price hike and lack of enforcement of labor laws. They said the public utilities including Water and Power Development Aauthority (Wapda) and Pakistan Railways should not be privatized and demanded the government of increase in old age benefits. They also condemned NATO attack on Pakistani troops. Meanwhile, like other parts of the globe, International Human Rights Day was observed across the country including the City on Saturday to mark the anniversary of the presentation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to educate people, especially children and teenagers, on their rights and the importance of upholding these in their own communities. Human Rights Day 2011 theme was Celebrate Human Rights. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) commemorated the day to express solidarity with the people of Balochistan in support of their aspirations to realize their rights. It organized a vigil outside the Lahore Press Club which was attended people from various walks of life. Human rights activists kindle candles. Human Rights Network held a Solidarity Human Right Walk outside Lahore Press Club at noon.