LAHORE - A veteran politician of Pakistan, Meraj Mohammad Khan has served a legal notice on a female anchor of private TV Channel for allegedly broadcasting a concocted story against him. The notice claimed the anchor had claimed to have been conveyed to her by some unnamed senior politician of PPP, alleging that the reason for differences between Mr. Khan and ZulfeqarAli Bhutto, the then Prime Minister was over the small size of the office and inferior quality of furniture provided to Mr. Khan on his appointment as Advisor/Federal Minister of the Prime Minister Mr. Bhutto. That his Office and furniture was inferior in quality and size than the Office of his Secretary. Anchor further alleged that Mr. Khan expressed his resentment on this issue on the very first day of his appointment and Mr. Khan had first made a complaint to Mr. Bhutto and later he repeated his grievances in meetings of the Cabinet that the politicians are being regarded inferior to the Bureaucrats and that in return when Mr. Bhutto tried to convince and pacify Mr. Khan that the supremacy and status of the politicians is not dependent upon the size and quality of their Office premises or the furniture. Mr. Khan did not accept the reasons and advice of Mr. Bhutto by saying that Mr. Bhutto was then a changed person ideologically and that he has become part of the outdated system, hence, Mr. Khan parted way with Mr. Bhutto on this ground. The legal notice claimed that it was absolutely false that Mr. Khan had ever raised any issue relating to the size of his office or quality of furniture etc or that Mr. Khan had ever made any such complaint or such remarks to Mr. Bhutto or raised any such issue in any meeting of the Cabinet. The notice further reads It seems that you have recited the aforesaid concocted story on your channel on the said date and program, with obvious mala fide mischievous motives and intentions to portray that Mr. Khan as a very petty minded person who has been fighting on such petty issues of furniture or size of office and that he had parted way from Mr. Bhutto on such insignificant and irrelevant issues and thereby to defame Mr. Khan. In case of failure or refusal to do the aforesaid within 10 days Mr. Khan would proceed in Courts of competent jurisdiction for recovery of the damages.