If you think your job gives you a headache, spare a thought for stuntman Li Xin. The 47-year-old spends his days balancing on his head - on top of a spike. The full weight of his 10st 7lb body (66kg) bears down on the spike, putting intense pressure on his skull. Li, from China, has been practising the stunt for more than 20 years. He can hold the pose with his legs up against a bar for more than 10 seconds - far longer than most people would be able to do a simple headstand. And he is left with just a small indentation on his head afterwards. He was photographed showing off his skills at an event in Nanning, China. The so-called nail actually has a wider-than-usual tip to give Xin more surface area to balance on, but to be honest, well forgive him that - if only because just doing a handstand is hard enough for most people. Xins performance was part of Nannings Ethnic Games, held in South Chinas autonomous Guangxi Zhuang region every year, which sees daredevils and endurance experts like Xin show off their skills to the world. At the same event, another man showed off his ability to thread a snake into his nostril and out of his mouth. WO