Our Staff Reporter MUZAFFARGARH - Pakistan Wapda Hydro-Electrical Central Labour Union took out protest rally here on Saturday against the proposed privatisation of distribution companies and generation companies of the Pepco, appointments of non-technical persons as Chief Executives and withdrawal of facility of free electricity to employees. The workers feared that the step would cause exceptionally high tariff of the electricity. They also observed complete pen-down strike while the Mepco Engineers Welfare Association (MEWA) also joined them. The rally began from Thermal Power, Mepco Grid Station and ended at Chowk Kutechery. Addressing the rally, Termal Power Station Chairman Hamyun Gujjar, Vice Chairman Zahid Latif, Secretary General Malik Shabir Hussain, union leaders Muhammad Javaid Chaudhry, XEN Engr Saif ullah Khan Surani Divisional Chairman Intizar Madhi Shah, Chairman Ghulam Abbas Surani and Malik Azhar said the government policies based on IMFs dictates had robbed the power sector of its economic benefits.Now the government is using the loss as a pretext to privatise all these generation companies, along with the transmission and distribution network. Thousands of workers have laid down their lives to build these systems. The workers will not allow the government to oblige its cronies with these companies. They said that new and inexperienced people were being appointed as chief executives who would cause great harm to these companies and they would suffer more losses. They threatened to shut all grid stations and company stores during the next phase of their protests if their demands were not accepted.