OUR STAFF REPORTER HUJRA SHAH MUQEEM -A man of Qila Sondha Singh was killed over a monetary dispute at Dera Waqar Shah Karmani on Saturday. As per detail, there was a money dispute between Muhammad Khalid, a corn-dealer with Syed Waqar Ali Karmani, a resident of village Bhaike. Muhammad Khalid along with his brother Sajid went to village Bhaike to settle the issue. During the meeting with former Tehsil Depalpur Nazim Syed Muratab Ali Karmani and his brother Syed Waqar Ali Karmani three veiled culprits let off a valley of gun shots at Khalid. As a result he died on the spot. The local police, on the application of Khalids father have registered an FIR against the culprits.