KARACHI - Imran Shahzad has clinched the top national snooker ranking which was formally announced here on Saturday at the end of the executive committee meeting of the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association (PBSA). Players from Punjab have the lions share in the top 10 national rankings as Imran Shahzad (Punjab) is at top followed by M Asif (Punjab) while Sahreejl Mahmood of KP on third spot, Shahid Aftab of Punjab on fourth, M Sajjad of Punjab at fifth, A Sattar of Sindh at seventh, M Asif Toba of Punjab at seventh, Asjad Iqbal of Punjab at eighth, Sohail Shahzad of Sindh at ninth and Sultan Mahmood of Sindh is at 10th slot. PBSA president Alamgir A Shaikh and chairman jointly presided over the meeting which lasted over two and half hours. However, the venue of the meeting was not given in the press release of the PBSA issued here. The PBSA had received an invitation to participate in the second Asian-6 Red Snooker Championship which will be held in Iran in the city of Isfahan from February 13-19, 2012. The meeting has decided to send two players for participation from Pakistan. The names of the participating players will be finalised after the conclusion of the 37th JGI National Snooker Championship of 2012. The ranking system for the year 2012 has been revised and would be based on the following events: National Snooker Championship 2012: 40 players, 2nd Ranking Snooker Championship 2012: 32 players, 3rd Ranking Snooker Championship 2012: 24 players, 4th Ranking Snooker Cup 2012: 16 players.