KARACHI - Spokesperson for the Sindh government alleged on Saturday that Mian Nawaz Sharif was a bhagora (runaway) leader who left the country and his party workers to save his hide following the 1999 military coup dtat. Shazia Marris rant came close on the heels of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chiefs visit to Larkana to raise stakes for his group for the next general elections. He (Nawaz) should learn democratic language before stepping into national politics, the Sindh minister for information asserted. He isnt liberal. Marri called Nawaz a traitor, saying he did not believe in the parliaments supremacy and violated its mandate. She also accused the PML-N leadership of harassing women and grabbing vast swathes from innocent people. In response to Nawazs demand for the arrest of Benazir Bhuttos assassins, the provincial spokesperson derided that Mr Nawaz Sharif has lost his senses. She maintained that the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party had been following its martyred chairpersons mission. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was not in favour of exacting revenge (on anyone), and hence the PPP did not believe in vengeance and convening irrational events, added Marri. The minister further said that leaving its activists in lurch was a familiar terrain for the PML-N, which according to her, had no mature leader. About the PML-N chiefs promise to provide land to landless peasants in Sindh, Marri said that Mr Sharif may be kidding. He should make such announcements in the Punjab and start implementing them. The masses believe in pragmatic politics, she said while claiming that her party did prove this by distributing 56,000 acres of land to landless farmers. Saying that the Punjab had now become a police state, Marri advised the Sharif bothers to take notice of the violation of human rights in their province, where uniformed criminals have been given a free hand to assault women. About the implementation of the Supreme Courts orders, Marri maintained that her party respected the judiciary and believed in the parliaments supremacy. We never ever attacked the apex court. It was Nawaz Sharif and his cronies, who stormed a court and harassed the judges therein, she said, adding that now these people had become champions of the courts supremacy. In her concluding comments, Marri also blamed Nawaz for shelving the mega projects initiated by Benazir Bhutto, during his stint as the countrys premier.